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Zynn app is a short-form video and picture sharing site that allows users to find, browse and upload fun items and produce short videos of fashion and entertainment content and commercial images.

Zynn is a short-form video app where you explore your inner selves and spark your creativity. It’s an app that enables you to express yourself and produce awesome content .

At the beginning of May 2020, Zynn app was launched and it had topped both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store as the fastest developing app in the free social category within three weeks only. The Zynn app was downloaded over 3 million times in the U.S. and Canada within two months.

For exploration, sharing and shopping, Zynn is a one-stop solution.

You can download the app on the Google Play Store and/or the iOS App Store.


Zynn is a lifestyle inspiration community that helps discover, shop and share fun things to do and acquire creative things around the world. Zynn is a short-form video and photo sharing platform that enables users to discover what’s next It could be the next fashion trend or the coolest new gadget. Within the app, users can recommend and review their favorite products and share with the community through their videos.


  • Discover short-form videos that are spontaneous and interesting.
  • Make a fancy video of 15-60 seconds with a big catalog of songs, nice stickers and humorous effects.
  • Share great content to your Instagram or other social media platform .
  • It enables you to shop around the world
  • It enables the culture to be embraced and linked with like-minded individuals around the world.


These are the features our platform delivers you:


Zynn presents a broad variety of possibilities for discovering material customized to fit your preference. Dependending on your curiosity, the app spots fun and motivating videos automatically. There is a social meaning to this function, since you will discover like-minded individuals with mind-blowing material and a lot of people around the world. It’s a clean, intuitive design; a great app for social fun.


Customization encourages consumers in a framework to make decisions and set expectations, in order to offer consumers greater power of the user interface. The Zynn app is built to entice and inspire consumers to create more videos with the fun stickers and text effects embedded in the app with a great touch of customization. This helps people to find their way quickly when utilizing the software and gives way to imagination and total self-expression, of course.


The content creation category helps people to build content that is entertaining and exclusive by utilizing the app. The Zynn app helps users to build technical, formal or casual videos within a few minutes and without personal disagreements (you can make your video perfect for your mood, music, inner environment, etc.). You will make eye-catching and great clips with a wide selection of songs, audio clips, and customization options that you love and, of course, everybody loves.


You can also connect with developers or viewers inside the network, combined with the variety of fun, entertainment, advertisements and self-expression that the app holds. You’ll find people with the same interests or related activities here. You can co-create content with other users, from cooking to sports.

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