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Ireland to Get e15m

News sources reported that Ireland has received a € 1.5 million grant to work on the project of developing Electric transport. The automobile industry has contributed to the disruption of the environment to a greater extent. A report by the European Commission suggested that European
masses are ready to variate the speed, size, and price of the cars to make this industry environment- friendly.
A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found a strong relationship between flooding and urban development. It is assumed that the year 2020 to 2030 is going to bring revolution in the vehicle industry. 
Ireland received funding by Green eMotion. Green eMotion launched in 2011, is a project built to promote electro mobiles in Europe. 
Green eMotion is supposed to set the ground for the European vehicle market by linking smaller or larger projects of electro mobiles. This project also aims to target the input and output and result from the analysis in the electro mobile industry. The actual purpose of the Electro mobile project is
to reduce vehicle emissions on the road till 2050. Data collection from selected industrial hubs, research institutions, and power consumptions will predict a suitable situation to fulfill the goal.

Researches are being conducted in automobile companies, local governments and universities are studying the variation in the vehicles and environmental changes required to complete the road map
to the electric cars by 2050.   
Green eMotion has collected nearly €41 million. The project is also supposed to work on the specified electric car charging stations. There will be 2500 electric charging stations in demonstrated regions under the project. There are many questions to work on. How will the billing of the charging stations continue smoothly? What conditions are suitable for road transport for electromobility?

How transportation issues will be dealt with better? Furthermore, European masses are moving towards an advanced step to introduce not only environment-friendly vehicles as well as hybrid technology on the roads. You can imagine hybrid and
electric automobiles on the roads in the cities of Europe with a changed perspective till 2050 if the
project gets successful.



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